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Welcome to our Garden Nov 3, 2021
Welcome to our Garden

Welcome to our Garden
It’ll all be clear in a moment, I promise:

Shade made it cool in the morning
Ten jackets thick - quick!
Make coffee for warming,

While coffee would brew,
The sun’s arising would stew
Dewdrops ‘n sidewalks
Kids ‘n questions

And in the mess it made
Was you
A cloud floating through

Down the street at sundown
Up the street at dusk
You carry with you around
The kindest heart of trust
A trust that in the sunrise
A trust that in the rain
Brighter days are coming
Into the Garden again

But a wind came out of nowhere!
A gale came out of the dark!
It blew you east to somewhere!
Where lostness once left to lark!
You landed in terror to meet them
The lost one who came to live there
You had so many questions
You felt so very scared…
“Tell me there’s something true here?
Tell me there’s warmth in this cold?
Where are my jackets and coffee?
I’m afraid of growing old!”
Lostness looking up and inside you
Wondered which way that you’d came
Searched inside for the answer
Found that the search was in vain
The lost one asked you simply:
“To what do you graspingly hold?
What is this truth you speak of?
I know no such thing in the world!”
But just as you raised to reply
Adrift in the blackened sky
A moon began to rise 🌙
And you began to cry 🌧

“Lost one, loving friend, my truth is on the mend, but now that I’ve seen the moon, I know truth is coming soon”

And with some time the darkness
Rose from that coldest night
Ten jackets and a coffee
Lead you to the light
The sky -once casted over,
With clouds enshrouding truth-
Cleared to quietly meet you
Good morning, my dearly youth

Tell me your finest story!
Come wander with me a while!
This place was always a messenger!
When you see that now, you smile
And in all the mess it made
Was you
A cloud passing through
So you welcomed the next one through:
“Welcome to our Garden. Yes, it’s a mess.
It’ll all be clear in a moment, I promise”.

Project published: Nov 3, 2021

❤️ Made with love by Jonny of Earth