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Some World Away Feb 18, 2019
Some World Away

As you look up to other stars
Maybe obscured by fogs afar
I wonder here seeing these lights

What pain or grace feels you tonight?
What curious elixir stirs in your soul?
What fears are conquered what truths untold?

What great convictions have you found?
What quiet voices in the voids of sound?
What presence uncovered in loving arms?
They who loves the lover - in all they are

I ask these questions not waiting for an answer
I ask them knowing some are deeper than answers
I ask for no false expectation of understanding
For I ask them myself yet here I am in questioning

I simply wish to send my presence your way
For a moment as you read this, some world away 🌎 🌌 🌏

Project published: Feb 18, 2019

❤️ Made with love by Jonny of Earth