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Goodbye, Hello May 1, 2023
Goodbye, Hello

When Spring turns to Summer,
there's an awkard inbetweenness.

The heat, sweaty,
the sun, not yet abrasive,
the mornings, still cold,
the garden, still greeting you,
until it quietly dawns,
that you may soon need to say goodbye

Goodbye to "Hello"

In all the turned corners of life are welcomes and departures
Some goodbyes whisk you away faster than you get to fully feel what you've left
Some hellos hold you so tight, promising never to let you go

As spring bloom turns to summer brush
You know every hello was gift, yet you came to expect them, too
There's a natural grief in seeing saying Goodbye to those Hellos, the eyes of the world opening

Similar is the grief of saying goodbye to big, generative, creative projects
the joys and delights that making gives you over days, weeks, years
the people it brought you into being with with
the ways it grew your heart and mind

Saying goodbye to those creative hellos
is a terrified birds first fall - from nest to flight
is a nervous parent hugging their kid - headed to college
is an opening door giving whatever you made - a life of its own

Until yesterday meets tomorrow,
And then, what a joy, what a sight,
When your footprints all point the same direction
And you touch the ground wondering

What truly was it that moved you through?

Project published: May 1, 2023

❤️ Made with love by Jonny of Earth