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Synestia May 16, 2019
Jonny Hyman

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Original score created for a short video about the Moon's formation, its 4.5 Billion-year history of coalescence, from giant impact through orbital stabilization, through lava ocean cooling, to the Moon we love today.

I tried very hard to make the score as synesthetic as possible,
conjuring musically and emotionally the violent creative power and rompously wild waltz of a Synestia's formation.

Piano on the track is performed by my dear friend Karlie Kemper, whom I came to visit in Spring 2019 for an afternoon's recording session. My friend and incredible photographer Renee Dominguez captured the two of us piecing the arrangement together, and my complete and utter astonishment at Karlie's technique, musicianship, and presence on the instrument.

Photos from the incomparable Renee Dominguez

Project published: May 16, 2019

❤️ Made with love by Jonny of Earth