🤲🏼 In Gratitude to my Mentors

No one is made alone, and no one makes anything alone

Thank you to all who have been guides and mentors along my path

These gracious humans have seen me through the windiest turns a life can make...

Mom & Dad

Both my mom & dad are entrepreneurs, continuing to blow my mind as they evolve and grow into their fullest selves. My mom, running Learn Beyond the Book since 2012 with incredible compassion and grace, touching the lives of thousands of kids in the most beautifully positive ways - endlessly inspiring. My dad, runs a non-profit tech consultancy, helping to build more resilient systems for communities to thrive. Somewhere inbetween was the process of raising me and my siblings and I think they did a wonderful job 😁 To Mom & Dad, thank you

Rene Urbanovich

As my first singing teacher, and longest lasting creative coach, Rene's clarity of heart and presence has shaped my life as an artist in more ways than I even comprehend. On the long road to find my voice - musically, heartfully & artistically - Rene remains a trusted guide. Thank you, Rene

Jaeger Rydall

We made so many things as we grew up, starting our first YouTube channels together as tweens, having those channels banned because we were under YouTube's age limit, making music, making drama, always making something, always sharing what we made. Many wouldn't consider their childhood best friend a mentor - but I do. Thank you, Jae

Edwin Sahakian

As I was learning to fly airplanes as an early adult, Edwin was one of my flight instructors, and provided me with so many opportunities for learning and resources for growth. Edwin mentored me through the process of running the Glendale Community College Aviation and Space Club for 3 years, helping to organize huge educational aviation events with hundreds of attendees. Thank you, Edwin

All of my students, ever

Teaching since 2014 in many contexts including Learn Beyond the Book has brought me into the presence of hundreds of absolutely incredible young people, (you know who you are!) who have not only filled my heart with joy & abiding hope for our future but also taught me how to engage and share knowledge in ways accessible to all.

In their patience and persistence over almost 10 years, I've grown to find "teacher" as a part of my identity, in- and out-side the classroom.

To all my students ever, thank you

Derek Muller & Raquel Nuno

Raquel & Derek saw my potential as a science communicator and technical artist even when the views were low and I lacked the traditional qualifications to justify what I said I wanted to create. Even though I didn't carry a degree in science communication, Derek took me under his wing to develop my skills as a science storyteller on Veritasium. In parallel, Raquel's continued enthusiasm and assistance in the field of planetary science have guided my interest deeper than I expected it to go, igniting a passion for the geology of the Moon and planets that I don't feel disappearing any time soon. To Derek & Raquel, thank you

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