Intro To Python


Week 1

  1. Review the slides for Week 1 and finish installing the stuff below
    1. Python & Atom
    2. Or do MakePython
  2. Chromebook Install Instructions
  3. No admin password (for you, Cameron!), install “Anaconda

Week 2: Slides

  1. Do as many challenges as you can from the slides
  2. For chromebook dudes, finish Chromebook Install
    • You also need to do these steps to make python visible to the Terminal after install:
      • Ctrl+Alt+T
      • Type “shell” (without the “” marks) then press ENTER
      • Type “vim /etc/environment
      • Go down to the line (with arrow keys) that starts with “PATH=
      • Make it instead start with “PATH=/usr/local/conda3;” and then keep the rest of the stuff to the right
      • Press Ctrl+Z, then if it asks you to save, respond YES
      • Now if you reopen Ctrl+Alt+T and shell you should be able to just type “python” and it will start python.
    • If the above instructions don’t work or are confusing, just wait until next week, and we can get it all figured out at the start of class

Week 3:Slides

  1. Finish all the challenges from the slides

Week 4: Slides

  1. Make a “choose your own adventure” game (or something similar), with at least 2 actions per decision and at least 3 decisions.
  2. Do this in 30 lines of Python or less!


Syllabus Here

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