In Fall 2012, my mom Elmarie started a school called Learn Beyond the Book.

For her first semester, she wanted a technology class, but did not have a teacher. Knowing my relative understanding of computing, she asked if I would like to teach it. Initially I said no, since I did not think I had “what it takes” to be a school teacher. She convinced me to try it out for 1 semester.

My first class was Computer Technology, for the Fall 2012 semester. Developing my own curriculum on the fly, I learned my own style of teaching by trial and error.

Soon, I expanded my teaching catalog, as my mom encouraged me to share some of my other skills. Soon, I began teaching:

  • Photography Class
  • Filmmaking Class
  • Graphic Design Class
  • Beginner Science Classes
  • LEGO Robotics Class
  • and on…

Now, I regularly teach 9-12, 1.5hr classes per week, developing my own curriculum and activities as I go. I’ve come to love education more and more, and am convinced that education will always have a very central role in my life.

In this page’s sub-menus, check out the classes I’ve taught in the past, and use any of the materials at your will. Access is open-source, and without warranty 🙂 Attribution is encouraged, but not required. Enjoy!

To be more specific: be advised that not all material may be 100% accurate – as I rarely go back to correct previous lesson plans.