Pulse LBTB

PULSE Learn Beyond The Book is a custom-built emergency alarm system for the school Learn Beyond The Book

For about 2 months, I designed, engineered, installed, programmed, and documented this system. In addition, most of the hardware and some of the software was made by students as a part of a Learn Beyond the Book 2016 Summer camp!

The system has the following features:

  • Automatic fire detection in each room & hallways
  • Automatic (dual input) earthquake detection
  • SMS Notification to all parents about any emergency state
  • SMS Relay from facility leaders to all parents
  • SMS Disarm from facility leaders to remotely disarm the system
  • Email notification to system admin giving log files each 6hrs, plus log files after a disarm of the system
  • A switch panel is supplied to allow manual activation of fire, quake, and general alarms, as well as disarm of the system
  • Different alarm sequences for each type of emergency, all involving a mixture of VERY loud alarm bells, and quieter voice notifications saying “there’s been an emergency, please evacuate using the nearest and safest exit”, and SMS timing

Some photos of the system and documents regarding its operation:

Software & Documentation

2016-09-09 16.33.06.jpg

2016-09-09 16.32.49.jpg

2016-09-09 16.35.00.jpg

P.S. Feel free to use some of my designs to make your own, and shoot me an email if you have any questions! The information here is open source!