Design & Engineering

My project to improve the onboarding and productivity of the Python language

My project to build the first ever vertical takeoff, vertical landing model rocket

My initiative to create the most efficient aerospace propulsion system ever


My project to make the consumer drone relay system


My project to make a long-duration electric RC aircraft


My project to predict flight dynamics accurately for flying wings



I have used many different avenues to gain the knowledge to do engineering & design:

  • Classes:
    • College: Calculus Series
    • College: Differential Equations
    • College: Aircraft Structures, Aerodynamics
    • Online: Worked through much of the Aerial Robotics class hosted by UPENN on Coursera
    • Online: Worked through much of the Dynamics & Kinematics course on MIT OpenCourseWare
    • Study: Worked through the entire Understanding Aerodynamics book by Doug McLean
    • Study: Learned C++ / C by analyzing programs written by others and discerning their operation
  • Hands-On: