Over the week of Thanksgiving 2017, I built an application suite to install, and edit the Python language. Make Python Learning to program is an extremely intimidating experience for some. I remember picking up an “Writing iOS 4 for Dummies” book when I was about 13, super dedicated to start making iPhone apps. I started reading it, but soon came to the conclusion that I wasn’t “smart enough” to … Continue reading MakePython

Propulsor Zero – Conclusion 4-23-2017

On Earth Day Weekend 2017, the Sustainable Aviation Symposium brought together electric / sustainable aircraft engineers, designers, and project managers from every corner of the globe. I was there, to share findings from Propulsor Zero, but primarily to soak up ideas and thoughts, and to get a feel for the big picture. I learned the most and was most inspired by a couple of highlight speakers: Andre … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Conclusion 4-23-2017

Propulsor Zero – Progress 1-5-2017

What’s the right next question to ask? That mantra has been drumming in my head throughout the holidays of 2016 and until now. By asking that question, and designing the next right question to ask, and then answering it, I can feel the pace of this project growing and growing. Progress, is a byproduct of pace. Big progress was made last month in 2 big … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Progress 1-5-2017

Propulsor Zero – Progress 12-20-2016

Big strides recently for the Propulsor Zero project! Some things feel like backward strides – but those are easily outweighed by the forward strides! Going back to 11-26-2016 which was my last post, I tried a couple of fiberglass propulsor blades (with PLA 3D printed inside as a “mold”), and was able to determine thrust, drag (torque), and power consumption values with the test stand. In … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Progress 12-20-2016

Propulsor Zero – Progress 11-26-2016

The Propulsor Zero test stand is now ready for showtime! Like most of my projects, it started with a jaunt to All Electronics in Van Nuys. Using that equipment, I finished up the Vibration module – an Adafruit MMA8451 accelerometer. It does a root sum of squares over time of the root sum of squares of all the accelerations in all axes. This sends back an “index … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Progress 11-26-2016

Propulsor Zero – Progress 11-23-2016

Pained back, sore arms = progress! Yesterday, I built the Propulsor Zero test stand. Finishing last night, I feel very confident in the strength of the build. Yipee! Some highlights of the build below. CAD rendering of the plan: Raw materials. Mild hot rolled steel 1/16 square tubes. T Junction. I may weld this at some point. Assemble with bottom bars and S-type load cells … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Progress 11-23-2016

Propulsor Zero -Progress 11-21-2016

Since 10/2/2016, I’ve been sedulously on the Propulsor Zero project! What are the biggest so-far-passed milestones? Keep reading. I developed a propulsor blade analysis program. Using Python, and multiple traditional propeller blade analysis mathematics, I’ve created a propulsor blade analysis program. It is super tightly coupled with XFOIL, a fantastic airfoil section characteristics prediction program. The program’s name is Sherlock: Study In Scarlett (Sherlock-Scarlett for short). The … Continue reading Propulsor Zero -Progress 11-21-2016

Propulsor Zero – Objectives & Scope

Note: Project was initiated 10/2/2016, this post is retroactive! 🙂 Overall Objective: To develop a propulsor, capable of absolutely high energy efficiency, and sufficiently high thrust force capacity, operating within the atmosphere of earth. Detailed Objectives: Efficiency: Propulsive efficiency of 80% or greater Thrust to weight ratio of 1.5 or greater Force: Propulsive force on the order of 1,000N (224 lbf) Approach to Development: Due to … Continue reading Propulsor Zero – Objectives & Scope