Aviation & Space Club of Glendale

Since 2013, I’ve been the Lead Club Organizer / President of the Aviation & Space Club of Glendale Community College

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Together with my fellow club members, we’ve put on some absolutely huge events for the aviation community.


A summary of the events I’ve lead the organization of:

2014 Checkride Prep Event

In 2014 we held an event to help some folks prepare for their checkrides! Freshly minted pilots (me included) met at GCC to discuss what to expect! All attending pilots passed 🙂

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2014 Spring Seminar

Our 2014 seminar hosted Rod Machado for the first time!


2014 Mojave Fly-In

Our 2014 fly-in featured a tour to the Mojave boneyard!


2015 Spring Seminar

Our 2015 seminar hosted FAA FSDO representative Dave Voelker, and United Airlines captain Brian Schiff + great catering!

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2015 Spring Fly-In

We did a more informal, but still enthralling Santa Barbara fly-in. Captured by my friend Alfred’s video:


2015 Mojave Fly-In

Our 2015 Mojave Fly-In featured a tour to Masten Space Systems!

Captured on video:

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2016 Virgin Galactic / The Spaceship Company Tour

In February 2016 we had the unique opportunity to tour The Spaceship Company with Virgin Galactic’s chief test pilot David Mackay! This was the only picture we were allowed to take & post!


2016 Spring Seminar

Our 2016 seminar hosted Rod Machado for the second time, and this time we held the event in the AirTel hotel at Van Nuys! Very big 300 persons success!

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2016 Mojave Fly-In

With 60 people, and 11 aircraft, this was the club’s biggest fly-in event! We toured the National Test Pilot School, and Masten Space Systems, as well as enjoyed a surprise visit from Dick Rutan, legendary pilot of Voyager.




2017 Spring Seminar (in work)

We have another exciting seminar in works. Stay tuned!