Over the week of Thanksgiving 2017, I built an application suite to install, and edit the Python language. Make Python

Make Python Editor - Dark

Learning to program is an extremely intimidating experience for some.

I remember picking up an “Writing iOS 4 for Dummies” book when I was about 13, super dedicated to start making iPhone apps. I started reading it, but soon came to the conclusion that I wasn’t “smart enough” to get started yet.

Moreover, installing Xcode and getting started with the Apple SDK was often confusing and unclear.

Fast forward to 2015, when I began writing Python.

After installing and trying ‘python‘ in command prompt, I got the dreaded “python is not reecognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file“. Great.

But now, with a project and some Arduino background – I kept trying.

I had to uninstall, and reinstall with “Add to PATH” check-mark active. Huzzah! “python” now works!

Fast forward a few months, while trying to do a pip install something, I got the same error. Oh! No problem. Just add pip to PATH…….

But. Where is python? Why did they put it in a hidden folder Users\AppData\blahblahblah???

Fast forward again to 2017, Fall semester. Teaching Python for the first time, I tried getting across the importance of Add to PATH and setting the install destination, but some kids missed it, and fell 1 class behind because of it.

MakePython solves all these problems and more

Check it out yourself, and contribute if you’re a software developer!

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