Exoplanet [10-31-17]

Wow looking at the last post on this blog. My oh my it has been a while!

I’ll keep this short.

I’m doing rockets. 

Specifically, I’m building vertical takeoff, vertical landing rockets, which will be sized like a model rocket, and available for students of all ages [0-∞) to learn from.

The goal is really simple: use rockets to teach generations how to leave earth.


  1. Research rockets, and develop a plan for a rocket engine DONE (sort of)
  2. Test rocket engines until a really safe and reliable design emerges : IN PROGRESS
  3. Build a rocket from those engines and make it land vertically : UP NEXT

There’s a website

I’m doing a YouTube series about it

But most of all I’m tweeting about it

And trying to see if people want to use the code and join in the fun

2017-10-03 11.16.06 (1)

Turns out that thrust test stand came in handy!

Is this post confusing? Hit me up with your questions!


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