Propulsor Zero – Objectives & Scope

Note: Project was initiated 10/2/2016this post is retroactive! 🙂


Overall Objective: To develop a propulsor, capable of absolutely high energy efficiency, and sufficiently high thrust force capacity, operating within the atmosphere of earth.

Detailed Objectives:

  1. Efficiency: Propulsive efficiency of 80% or greater Thrust to weight ratio of 1.5 or greater
  2. Force: Propulsive force on the order of 1,000N (224 lbf)

Approach to Development:

Due to the high levels of inherent unknowns in this endeavor, a blended engineering & invention approach will be taken. This goes under the definition that engineering is developing a technology purely based on its science, and invention is developing a technology based on a mix of science, observation, intuition, and iteration. Where engineering says “analyze, then try it”, invention says “try it, and then analyze”.

 The initial approach: to use off-the-shelf components as developed for industrial and hobby uses to develop a prototype propulsor. Analyzing the efficiencies and forces as we work up, several iterations of this technology will be undertaken, and a growing consensus in what will be the most efficient, elegant, and simplistic design will emerge. Based upon this, a second prototype and then third prototype will be build, iterating on a large scale, and engineering along the way to “find the next, better solution”.

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